Theater For Life (Théâtre Pour la Vie), THEPLAV, is a non political and non profit organization (Registration number: 1820). We work on issues related to: the culture of peace and non violence, supporting women and children, social development, sustainable development, developing the aesthetic and artistic sense (especially in and via theater)... One of our main aims would be developping creativity and evolving the theatrical practice.

We work also on education, workshops, training teacher, training trainers, and training activists for non violence...  We particularly work to establish the "Creative Education".

We seek to insure sources of funding for scientific theoretic and practical research, particularly in the field of theater. We also care to support the production of  films and books that help promoting a culture of peace, non violence, and human values.

We seek also to encourage intercultural and intercivilization communication, and to encourage expression and communication through art, and particularly through theater.


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